How important are references for a babysitter?
August 1, 2022

How important are references for a babysitter?

As a new babysitter, it is very important to have good references.

Every parent is looking for the best babysitter and references are really important for them to determine if they will hire you or not. When a babysitter provides good references they are most likely to get the job. But how do you get good references if you never babysat before?

Firstly, most parents will only hire a babysitter if they know the family well. They will pay special attention to your family dynamics. If they like the way you interact with your own family then, they will most likely view you as a potential babysitter. How you treat your siblings will likely indicate how well you can babysit other children in your care. Parents will pay special attention if you have younger siblings and how well you take care of them. Babysitters require many qualities such as patience and kindness. They must also be trustworthy and reliable. Parents will want to make sure you have those qualities. Babysitting is a big responsibility and you must be ready. Taking a Babysitting course will prepare you for the responsibilities you will have as a new babysitter.

Secondly, social media will play a big role in whether they will hire you or not. Before interviewing potential babysitters, parents will look at your social media accounts to get a feel for how you act, who you hang out with and what you do in your free time. It is very important for babysitters to know what impact your social media accounts have on getting a babysitting job. Understanding the impact of social media can make a big difference whether they will hire you or not. Consider taking a Social Media Impact on Teens and Tweens Virtual Workshop which explains how social media can impact numerous aspects of your life including babysitting jobs. Your digital footprints can say a lot about you. It is very important to build a positive profile on all your social media and to learn about the rules of good behavior on social media.

Thirdly, your teachers can be great references as they spend a lot of time with you and can really get a chance to know you. For example, if you help supervise a kindergarten class, and the children really like you, this is a good indication of how you would be as a babysitter. Some teachers may even want to hire you to babysit their children if you live in proximity to them and they are looking for a babysitter. Teachers are professionals and if they agree to have you use them as a reference, parents will most likely consider you as a good option and agree to an interview at the very least. Remember to always ask before including someone as a reference. Make sure they agree to serve as a reference and always give them a “heads-up” if the parents tell you that they will be calling your references.

Lastly, parents will ask other parents who they have hired in the past as a babysitter. If you do an amazing job babysitting other families, the word will get around your neighbourhood that you are the babysitter everyone wants! Make sure you get your babysitting certificate to show to all potential parents. This will definitely prove that you are serious about babysitting and want to do the job right!