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With Over 25 Years Of Trusted Experience

Ménard Safety Courses: A Leading Force in Safety Education for Over 25 Years!

Ménard Safety Courses, creators of the Online Babysitting Course, have been a top provider of safety training for both children and adults with thousands of students trained. Denis Ménard, a retired paramedic serves as the Master Instructor and has lead the organization involvement in numerous humanitarian projects, including the Canadian Red Cross' Future Long-Term Care Support Workers Program. Today, Ménard Safety Courses is a key educational partner of more than 100 schools across Canada, setting the Country's industry standard.

One of our most successful programs is the Online Babysitting Course, available in both official languages. Our team includes members with Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, focusing on inspiring teens and tweens to take on one of the most important responsibilities - babysitting! Our blog also provides continuing education for students, offering encouragement and support throughout their babysitting journey.

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Showing how to do CPR on dummy
Showing how to do CPR on dummy

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The Menard Safety Courses Team

Denis F. Ménard

Co-Owner, Instructor

A retired paramedic since 1995, Denis is a proud training partner of the Canadian Red Cross. He teaches CPR & First Aid as well as WHMIS, Working at Heights, Chainsaw Awareness, Counterbalance forklift & Scissor Lift by FiiT.

He is the organization’s Master Bilingual Instructor. Denis is part of the Canadian Red Cross “Dream Team” teaching future long-term care workers across Ontario. This essential humanitarian project has been the most important to date in which Denis has participated.

He has been volunteering with the Embrun Community Watch program since its inception 28 years ago. Denis enjoys the outdoors and can be found on a ski hill in the winter and boating in the summer.

Elaine B. Ménard

Co-Owner, Safety Facilitator, Administrator

For the past 25 years, Elaine has been facilitating workshops for children: “Babysitting”, “Home Alone”, “Safety” and “First Aid”. She is a partner with Parachute Canada.

Elaine is known to be an educational partner with many local schools and recreation centres. With her highly developed administrative skills, Elaine provides high quality bilingual training workshops that allow children to develop leadership skills.

In her free time, her favorite activities are meditation, yoga, reading and the outdoors.

Martine Chartrand

Safety Facilitator

Recently retired after 29 years of teaching and still passionate, Martine offers workshops on “The impact of social media on teens and tweens.”

With a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, Martine allows young people to express themselves on topics that particularly affect them, while giving them safety tips.


What Our Students Say

Starting work early in life helps pre-teens and teens learn how capable they are. This helps to build confidence and self-reliance leading to feeling more independent and furthering their development with a sense of responsibility.


I feel prepared to start babysitting! The videos, narrations and lessons make me feel well prepared to start babysitting. It covered a lot of things I would be worried about and I am glad it went over first aid such as CPR. I am happy it told me about how to start babysitting like starting my siblings which I will definitely start with! I can’t wait to start babysitting other kids!


I thought it was amazing! I learned CPR, how to handle emergency situations, And so much more fun stuff! I loved how interactive it was and how I could do it at my own pace! This is worth the money I highly recommend it. Anyone who has little to no experience will find this very helpful and easy to follow. It may seem like a lot at first, but when you get into it you will love it and look forward to your babysitting job! This was such an amazing experience.


Loved it! This course was so much fun! I really enjoyed the hands-on video examples and the narrator options. It made learning and understanding the tasks much easier. The quizzes, I absolutely love that every quiz was in its very own section/ theme. It made the overall understanding of the questions in the quizzes crazy simple.


Easy and Efficient Menard Babysitting course is very thorough and easy to understand. They present you different methods of learning; visually, audibly or just through reading. Lessons are overall short and simple but they cover all information and topics you need to understand in order to successfully babysit. The quizzes are also great learning experiences to help you remember information and prepare you for the assessment at the very end.


Great training with the mix of videos and workbook. This training program as provided me with the skills to start baby sitting with confidence.


I think this is a great way to prepare all babysitters as well as having fun a long the way! I had a great time with the course, I now feel prepared in emergency situations if I am babysitting. I learned a lot of new things that I know will make me feel more comfortable while I’m babysitting. I really enjoyed practicing on my teddy bear for some lessons. I can not wait to baby sit! Thank you.


I loved it. It only took me two days to complete it. I learned alot of information that will help me while babysitting. Everything was helpful.


The videos are very informative and helpful. The reference guide and activity sheet was amazing. The layout of the course was very nice to. Love the fact that you can do this on your own time and you have a month to complete it.