4 Things your Teen or Tween can do during March Break!
March 5, 2024

4 Things your Teen or Tween can do during March Break!

During March break, teens and tweens have the opportunity to engage in various productive activities that can be both fun and beneficial. Here are four suggestions to make the most of this time off:
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    Spend time giving back to the community by volunteering at a local charity, animal shelter, food bank or become a mother’s helper. Volunteering is a fantastic way for teens and tweens to make a positive impact in their community while also gaining valuable life skills. By dedicating their time to a local charity, animal shelter, food bank, or as a mother's helper, young individuals can learn the importance of empathy and compassion towards others. Working with a team in a volunteer setting can help teenagers and tweens develop crucial teamwork skills that will benefit them in various aspects of their lives. Taking on responsibilities and tasks in a volunteer role can also nurture leadership qualities in young adults, encouraging them to take initiative and make a difference in the world around them.
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    Learn a new skill

    Use the break to pick up a new hobby or skill, such as babysitting. Take a babysitting course and become certified!

    Babysitting can be a rewarding and fun way to earn extra income, especially during school breaks or weekends. By taking a babysitting course and becoming certified, you can learn valuable skills such as CPR, first aid, and basic childcare techniques. Babysitting not only provides an opportunity to make money but also helps you develop responsibility, patience, and problem-solving skills. Building a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy babysitter can lead to regular clients and positive referrals. Additionally, babysitting can be a stepping stone to other opportunities in childcare or education-related fields.

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    Physical activity

    Stay active by going for a hike, bike ride, or joining a sports camp. Physical exercise is not only good for the body but also for mental well-being, reducing stress and boosting mood.

    Consider incorporating regular exercise into your routine to maintain physical and mental well-being . Physical exercise plays a vital role in reducing stress levels and enhancing mood. Make time for activities that you enjoy and that contribute to your overall well-being. Remember that staying active is not only beneficial for your body but also for your mental health.

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    Plan for the future

    Start a small business such as babysitting. Setting goals and making plans for the future can help teens and tweens feel more motivated and focused.

    Consider starting a small business like babysitting to gain valuable experience and earn some extra money. Enrolling in a babysitting course can help you learn essential skills like CPR, first aid, and how to handle emergencies while babysitting. The course will also teach you how to market your babysitting services, set rates, and build a positive reputation within your community. You will learn how to start a babysitting business and the best ways to find babysitting jobs. By taking proactive steps towards your future, you can develop valuable skills, gain independence, and prepare yourself for success in your chosen career path.

By engaging in these activities, teens and tweens can have a fulfilling and productive March break that leaves them feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the rest of the year.