33 Babysitting qualities – How many do you have?
May 1, 2022

33 Babysitting qualities – How many do you have?

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    As a babysitter, showing consideration and regard for someone or something is in fact showing admiration. Parents need a babysitter that will be respectful towards their children as well as their belongings.
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    In most provinces there is no legal age to babysit, you just need to be mature enough to do so. Showing parents that you have the mental and emotional qualities to take care of their children is important.
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    Babysitters have a lot of responsibilities. When taking a Babysitting Course, you will learn how to prioritize your responsibilities.
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    Babysitters need to be empathetic and have the ability to understand and to share the feelings of another person.
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    One of the most important qualities a babysitter must have is to be dependable. If parents cannot depend on you, they will no longer hire you.
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    Calm babysitters have the ability to not show feelings of nervousness, anger or other strong emotions. Children tend to be calmer around a babysitter that remains calm. Dealing with emergency situations can sometimes challenge babysitters. Taking a Babysitting Course, can increase confidence in order to deal with those situations calmly.
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    Showing leadership skills while babysitting is an important quality babysitters must have. Leaders must be empathetic and connect with the children and parents they are babysitting for.
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    When a babysitter is assertive, they express their needs and feelings clearly and firmly without disrespecting or undermining others.
  9. 9.


    Parents appreciate a babysitter who is honest with them and their children.
  10. 10.


    Children enjoy babysitters that are nice and pleasant. They feel more comfortable being around them.
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    Showing confidence in your babysitting abilities shows parents that you are capable of handling whatever situation comes up. Taking a Babysitting Course increases your confidence.
  12. 12.


    Children require a lot of patience. Babysitters need to be able to tolerate delay and accept the children they are caring for without getting impatient.
  13. 13.


    Being sensitive towards other people’s feelings is essential while babysitting.
  14. 14.


    Showing concern for others is another important quality babysitters should have.
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    A person who is generous shows kindness towards others. This is another great quality babysitters must have.
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    A great babysitter provides support and encouragement to the children they are babysitting.
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    Being sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings is important.
  18. 18.


    An optimistic person is someone who thinks the best possible outcome will happen and hopes for it even if it’s not likely.
  19. 19.


    Keeping children safe is your #1 responsibility. In order to be a good babysitter, safety must be a priority. When taking a Babysitting Course, you will learn how to keep the children safe.
  20. 20.


    A caring person is a kind hearted person. Parents admire babysitters who are caring.
  21. 21.


    If you are fun to be with, children will enjoy having you as a babysitter and will ask their parents for you to babysit them.
  22. 22.


    Children enjoy being around a pleasant and friendly babysitter.
  23. 23.


    A person who shows fairness does not show favoritism. They do not put self-interests first.
  24. 24.


    Being gentle with children is very important and shows them a lot of respect.
  25. 25.


    A reliable babysitter shows parents that you are serious about babysitting and can be counted on.
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    Depending on the age of the children you are babysitting, some children require a lot of help, even for simple tasks.
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    Children love babysitters who are cheerful, happy & optimistic. They engage with the children and are fun to be around.
  28. 28.


    Parents must be able to trust their babysitter to be honest and truthful.
  29. 29.


    Children enjoy a babysitter who can make them laugh.
  30. 30.


    Being enthusiastic about babysitting shows that you are eager and willing to babysit.
  31. 31.


    Being loyal and honest are examples of a true person.
  32. 32.


    Having the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate is part of being a kind person.
  33. 33.


    A happy babysitter is a wonderful babysitter! Everyone loves to be around happy people!
Parents should check with their local police department or Children’s Aid Society to find out whether there is a legal age to start babysitting in their city, province or state.