12 ways to make more money while babysitting children
March 1, 2023

12 ways to make more money while babysitting children

As a babysitter, you have a great opportunity to earn extra money by taking advantage of various opportunities available. Here are some tips to help you make extra money while babysitting:
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    Offer additional services

    By offering extra services such as light housekeeping, cooking or pet sitting, parents will often want to pay extra as these services provide a convenience to them. Parents often struggle to get everything done before a babysitter arrives. If you can provide them with extra help, they will be happy to pay more. For example, while the children are in bed, you can clean up and make sure things are put back in their place. Furthermore, if a parent can count on you to walk the dog, feed the cat or any other pet-related tasks, they would appreciate this greatly and offer to pay you extra.
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    Become a certified babysitter

    Certified babysitters can charge more because of their certification. This increases your value as a babysitter. By taking a babysitting course, you will learn CPR & First Aid and what to do in emergency situations. The more experience you gain as a babysitter, the more parents are willing to pay you a higher rate.
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    Additional children

    If you are watching more than one child, it is reasonable to charge extra for each additional child. Always start with a base fee, then increase your rate with each additional child. Checking the going rate for babysitters in your area can help you determine a fair rate to charge. Parents will most often be willing to pay more for younger children as they often require more attention and care, which may warrant a higher rate.
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    Offer extended hours

    By offering extended hours for parents who work late or need to attend evening events. This can be a great opportunity to earn extra money. Not all babysitters are willing to do this, so if you do, you are most likely to be the babysitter they call first for the job.
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    Offer overnight services

    By offering overnight services for parents who need to travel or have a night out. This can be a great opportunity to earn extra money while providing a valuable service to the parents. This may not be for every babysitter. You must feel comfortable and confident babysitting for a longer period of time. Some provinces require a certain age, so check with family services in your area.
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    Offer special event services

    Offer your services for special events such as weddings, parties, and conferences. These events often require babysitters for longer periods of time and can be a great opportunity to earn extra money.
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    Ask for referrals

    Ask your current clients for referrals to their friends and family who need babysitters. Word of mouth is a powerful way to grow your business. Remember to always seek jobs from people you know or good references. Always meet the parents before babysitting. Ask your parent to come with you to meet with the new family. Build a network of satisfied clients who can refer you to their friends and family, which can lead to more job opportunities and higher pay.
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    Offer tutoring

    Tutoring school-aged children is a very helpful service you can provide to parents. Be sure to let the parents know how much extra you charge for this service. Most parents will be willing to pay extra because children often do very well while being tutored by their babysitter.
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    Special needs children

    If a child has special needs, such as medical or behavioral issues, they may require extra attention and care. You may also require extra specific training to ensure the child's safety and wellness.
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    Last-minute Babysitting

    If you are providing last-minute or emergency care, it may be reasonable to charge extra for the short notice. Be sure to tell the parents if you will be charging more for this.
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    Holiday Babysitting

    Babysitting on holidays or during peak seasons may require a higher rate due to increased demand. For example, if you are babysitting on New Year's Eve, parents are expected to pay extra for this holiday as babysitters are in high demand. If you are babysitting during late hours or overnight, you may want to charge more for the inconvenience.
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    Provide exceptional service

    Provide exceptional service to your clients by being reliable, punctual, and attentive to their children's needs. This will help you build a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy babysitter, which can lead to more opportunities to earn extra money.
In conclusion, as a babysitter, there are many opportunities available to earn extra money while providing a valuable service to parents. By offering additional services, asking for referrals, becoming a certified babysitter and providing exceptional service, you can build a successful and lucrative babysitting business.